Black and Fuchsia Heart Bracelet


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  • Lola on 2016-Oct-18 11:53:57 Lola said

    Thanks for your review. I live in Australia and am hopeful I will only need to wait another month or so for the Padfone to arrive. Noticing you are a composer I am curious as to whether you use any apps such as Music Notes Reader 4 for taking your work mobile and viewing scores etc. I work with Sibelius and am a little envious of the link that Sibelius and Avid Scorch has with iTunes. Is Music Reader the best Android option in your opinion or do you know of any other soafware/tpps that do a good job?
  • Ashish on 2016-Nov-12 02:12:26 Ashish said

    I want to buy

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